New Family Member


Hi everyone I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the family. It is a bitter sweet moment for us because in a little while we have to say goodbye to Shades. But I don’t want to think about right now and not let that spoil the moment of our joy. We have decided to name him Momo. He’s got a cute helmet buddy with his name engraved on it. One day probably you’ll see me riding cross the town with him. He’s attractive, cute, and quite hot too hehe.

I recently learnt through another blog how to treat him good and I think I’m not going to let any other guy touch him and do the work of servicing him myself. I’ve done it the first time already. Its really easy and wow how much it saves money.

It is the beginning of our attempt to be really frugal ermm more like my attempt to be frugal cause we’re praying we have enough to begin family life. Another benefit of our new family member is that he keeps me safe as a rider. He is a smooth and slow type and I can’t push him. He don’t like it. So I’ve been really slow hahaha. Less worries for those of you who have been worrying about me :)

Well Regina is really happy and so am I. So Momo, welcome to our family. We love you and we hope you’re here to stay for the longest time.

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  1. waichi says:

    hello leon~ :) nice MOMO u have. xD blessings to u n regina.. :))

  2. WhiRL says:

    Hi there sorry for late reply. busy period thanks for your nice comment. ONe day come and ride MOMO k? Hehe

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